Founders Club

The Dell Founders Club is an exclusive group for UK based entrepreneurs who view technology as a critical backbone to their business, and who have immediate technology needs in order to scale quickly. In addition to the benefits received by the Centre for Entrepreneurs community, members of this elite community will have opportunities to network and attend events that bring together Founders Club members from all over the globe. This group will receive concierge level service from Dell team members and receive unparalleled access to the team inside Dell to help their emerging business get to market quicker.

Founders Club members should meet the following criteria:

  • have immediate technology needs in order to scale quickly
  • have a technology or business that is innovative and disruptive in its space
  • be willing to create a win/win with Dell to access critical resources to help grow your company

To be considered for membership to the Centre for Entrepreneurs Founders Club, apply here.

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